Friday, 15 November 2013

Charity Shop Haul

 Soooo... First of all, I am sorry for completely neglecting this blog, loads of stuff has been going on but now I have a lot more free time so I will definitely be getting back on track and trying to post as often as possible!

Anyhooo, I went on a wander around the charity shops a couple of weeks ago and found these absolute gems! (All for less than £20 as well, SCORE!) I love the silky blouses, they are oversized and look super cute and 80's when belted and worn with leggings and big Pat Butcher earrings. 

The crazy leopard metallic jacket is crazy 80's too (so right that it's wrong) and I cannot wait to rock it with disco pants and holographic flatforms. AND FINALLY can I just address the sequinned/beaded top?! Cost me £4 YES £4! You read me right! I have other tops similar to it that I've bought from vintage fairs and the high street which have cost up to £40 (10x as much!!) this is why everyone should check out their local charity shops, sometimes it's a complete failure but then sometimes you have a total lucky streak and find loads of gems. This haul was definitely the latter!